How Bob and Mary Doubled Their Retirement Income

In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that the European Central Bank has decided to implement The Federal Reserve’s failed stimulus program. Despite years of low interest rates and trillions of dollars that have been pumped into our economy, consumer retailers such as: Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s and even retail giant Wal-Mart continue to struggle.

Despite these continuing problems, presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, is advocating the largest peacetime tax increase in our nation’s history! He’s talking about a 52% (plus) federal tax rate with a top rate of 90%. Capital gains tax rates would be increased to in excess of 60%!

It is clear that the market will continue to be volatile and that taxes will continue to rise. Recently, a couple came to us looking for solutions to the threats to their retirement. They wanted steady income which they could count on; not a Willie Wonka “golden ticket” for a hope to win in retirement. They simply wanted a steady flow of income that would enable them to continue to live their current lifestyle.

Bob and Mary were blown away when we demonstrated how our clients have doubled their retirement savings and income “tax free.” Not everybody gets it. Some of you reading this are saying, “There’s no way you can double my retirement savings and provide me with tax free income!” Nonetheless, we do the seemingly impossible for our clients.

I want to teach you how you can safely double your retirement income and get Uncle Sam out of your retirement. If you live in the Orlando, Florida area, I’m teaching a live, in-person, no-cost, no obligation Retirement Protection workshop on Tuesday, March 15th at 6:30 pm at the Hyatt Place Lake Mary. There are still some seats available. To register for this workshop event, please click the link below:

If you live more than a few hours drive from the Orlando area, I’m also teaching a no-cost, no-obligation educational webinar this coming Tuesday. To register for Tuesday’s webinar, simply click the link below or call our toll free number.

Or call:

(855) No Tax 2 U

(855) 668-2928

Please, hurry and register! These events fill up quickly. Imagine, no more worrying about losing to taxes or the market and being able to uncover your hidden wealth.

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