In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I stress the importance of getting an MRI on your IRA. The key is that people need “market correction and tax protection.” One client recently shared how glad they were that they took the time to insulate their serious retirement savings so that they only participate in the upside of the market and never suffer from the downside or taxes.

This past week, I met with a client this week whose retirement savings philosophy was simply steady and consistent growth. He shared that he had lost a lot of his money to the market, he had cashed in his under-performing annuities and he had changed brokers so many times that he was just worn out from all the stress and worry. He wanted a simple, easy to manage plan that provides the steady, consistent growth that he craves. He wanted growth with preservation of capital and the least amount of tax.
John C. Bogle, the recently deceased founder of Vanguard Funds, said that now is the time to play it safe. He had been issuing this warning for the last couple of years, particularly this last quarter, when the S & P 500 index dropped 14% in just 90 days!

Let me ask you a question. Can you afford to continue to lose money from your retirement? Or, would you prefer to have a strategic retirement protection plan that participates in the upside of the market but never the downside and, when done correctly, is all tax-free? To enjoy the best retirement possible, it’s imperative to protect yourself against market losses and tax losses.

Don’t be fooled by Wall Street’s fraudulent “stay and pray” investment scheme. Learn how you can have a simple, easy to manage retirement plan that provides steady, consistent tax-free growth and income.
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