We help Baby Boomers and retirees thrive in retirement. In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, we’re addressing this drastic market disaster.

I wanted to get this message out as quickly as I could. There’s been a lot of turmoil in the oil markets which has created uncertainty in the stock markets. For those of you who are clients, I want to re-assure you, these are the times for which we have prepared you.

We use Custom Designed Portfolios to help manage the downside of the market and Special Designed Insurance contracts to provide a floor of protection for these times when markets go in the wrong direction. Some of you also have outside-of-Wall Street opportunities and yields that are not dependent on direct stock market participation. I want you to understand that these are the things that keep you safe for market correction and protection. Our first priority has always been our clients.

This Tuesday, I’m going to be teaching an updated Wealth Protection Webinar. This will be a good refresher for what’s going on, why it’s going on and how your serious retirement savings are being kept safe. There are four times for this educational financial learning experience. I encourage you to register for one of them so that you are reminded of how our planning has helped to position you in a safe place form which you can take advantage of the opportunities that will present themselves.

To register, go to www.RetirementProtected.com, enter your information and submit the registration. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email containing a personal link to join Tuesday’s event.

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Charles Oliver
Best-Selling Author
The Hidden Wealth Solution