In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach how you could possibly more than double your retirement income and double (or even triple) your retirement assets. This past week’s three-day drop has shaved off almost more than 1,100 points from the Dow Jones Average. Many people are expressing real concerns over the volatility of the market. This has led to a fierce competition between stocks and treasury bonds.

Treasury bonds are currently only paying about 3% but, people are so fearful of the market’s volatility that they are willing to accept very low returns just to gain safety. This exodus of money from the market is putting even more downward pressure on stocks, leading to more volatility.

On top of the stocks versus bonds problem, the Dow dropped almost 500 points in response to President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. will implement steel and aluminum tariffs next week. The tariff announcement raised fears of a trade war and shares of Ford and General Motors traded down more than 3%. Boeing, Cummins, Johnson Controls and United Technologies, all big users of steel and aluminum, were also down. 

Clients have raised a lot of concerns lately about taxes. One person recently told me that her other advisors simply told her, “Taxes are just part of the equation.” It’s true that taxes will always be part of the equation unless you make them not part of the equation. She had saved all of her money in tax-deferred accounts. This caused her to pay more tax, especially when she turned 70½ years old and was forced to take her Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). Not only was she paying more tax on the income from her retirement savings, up to 85% of her Social Security was subject to income tax. We taught her how she could legally, morally and ethically avoid those unnecessary taxes that she was paying.

You can boost your retirement income and assets if you can eliminate unnecessary taxes and downside stock market risk. These two dangers will be the most volatile issues within our lifetimes. That’s because 10,000 Baby Boomers are retiring daily, which results in the government collecting less and less tax every year. The future financial reality is that taxes will go up, the stock market will become more volatile and interest rates will continue to rise

Let me teach you an introduction to wealth creation and preservation. This coming Tuesday, I will be teaching myRetirement Protection Webinar. This log on and learn event will teach you how to avoid unnecessary taxes and stock market losses. It will show you how you can have your money work harder for you.

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