In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I teach that less is more when it comes to taxes! It’s seems simple but, the less you pay, the more you keep. In order to keep more and pay less you have to have a plan, which almost no one does and that’s why we’re here.

If, like most people, you don’t have a plan, you get one anyway. I call it The Perfect Government Tax Payer Plan. Almost everyone we meet has this plan because, without your own plan, this is the plan that is given to you. The key is having a better plan for yourself than the plan the government has for you. There is OURS and THEIRS. The Government is telling us what THEIRS is. Divide the word THEIRS and it spells THE-IRS!

I share in my books that, when it comes to retirement, taxes are the single biggest factor that keeps you from having your best retirement. We spend our lives building, working, saving, investing and sacrificing so we can have our best retirement.

Retirement is like a college basketball game; there are two halves of play. Many college basketball games are won in the second half and the same is true for retirement. Ironically, many people don’t plan for the second half until they find themselves trailing late in the game. It’s only then that they realize they need a new game plan in order to have a chance of winning!

Retirement and Tax Planning, What to Do:

1. Get educated on the importance of having a Strategic Tax Plan.
2. Start by learning how you can have your retirement income protected from taxes.
3. Learn how to implement a Tax Free Retirement Savings and Income Plan.
4. Register and attend my complimentary webinar and start learning now. Higher taxes are just around the corner!

This coming Tuesday, I’ll be teaching my Wealth Protection Webinar. This no cost, no obligation educational event will teach you one of our proven strategies with a track record of measurable results. Imagine, learning how to have a better plan for yourself than the one the IRS has for you.

To register, go to, enter the required information and submit your registration. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email containing a personal link to join Tuesday’s event.

Here’s a client who took the time to become educated on how to have a better plan with the Hidden Wealth Solution:

“Instead of paying this year we received a substantial return. The hardest part about “not following the crowd” is understanding that the indoctrination we received as children, to save and invest, offers no real world solution to withdrawing that money in retirement without giving Uncle Sam a huge chunk of it.”
~Chris O’Connor

Avoid the mainstream retirement advice that recommends saving your money in IRAs or 401(k)s and then deferring the taxes until it’s late in the game. This fraudulent retirement scheme is designed to make you the government’s perfect taxpayer.

I encourage you to register for your preferred webinar time now, because these events fill up fast. For those who attend this event, I will gift you an e-copy of my latest book, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough-The Unfair Advantage to a Safe and Secure Retirement.

NOTE: This is a log-on and learn webinar, not a live workshop. You will need a laptop or PC to join. It is strongly suggested that you NOT use an iPad or a handheld device for this event. Our proven retirement and financial solutions are best for people positioning themselves for retirement, those who want to navigate better to or through their retirement, those who have saved $200,000 or more for retirement and people who want to determine if they are maximizing and optimizing their retirement planning. Our solutions are also suitable for Baby Boomers who want to protect their savings from market losses, pay the least amount of taxes on income, reduce or eliminate tax on their Social Security and create a sustainable, increasing, lifetime income for both spouses.

-Spouses are encouraged to attend this event together-

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Here’s to your Hidden Wealth,
Chuck Oliver
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