Orlando, FL – July 9, 2014 Wealth Architect Charles Oliver, founder of The Hidden Wealth Solution, a wealth creation and preservation practice, recently published a blog on his website (https://thehiddenwealthsolution.com) discussing the behavior of stock market investors. The blog, titled “How to Think About Investing When Prices Are High?” urges those investing in the market or thinking about investing in the market to consider following two key steps.

Charles Oliver writes, “… in today’s market, it can seem like everybody is making easy money except you. What’s the best strategy to get in on this action? Should you even try to get in on the action?”

Charles Oliver’s The Hidden Wealth Solution specializes in retirement protection and income growth. They help clients to achieve financial independence and become immune from economic downturns.

The entire blog can be found here.

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About Charles (Charles) Oliver:

Charles Oliver is an industry recognized Wealth Architect and best-selling author who works with retirees and those who are about to be retired and their families that are uncertain about planning in and for retirement. Their concerns center on taxes, market risk, and the possibility of out-living their income.

Charles is a member of the Top of the Table, an organization recognizing the top half of one percent of insurance and financial advisors worldwide. Mr. Oliver has been a guest on financial radio talk shows, a contributor to financial publications as well as a guest speaker at advanced financial planning events across the country.

Charles has personally mentored and coached hundreds of advisors, CPA’s and Tax Attorneys, nationwide.

Charles’s trademarked Personal Protected Pension Plan™ enabled him and his team to be recognized as the top provider of special pension designed life insurance in the United States in 2012.

Charles and his Team educate clients on how to increase their retirement income by 50% or more with little or no tax, with no market risk, and how to establish a tax-advantaged income for the rest of their lives, and one that will transfer tax-free to future generations.

Accomplishments include:

  • Founder and CEO of The Hidden Wealth Solution™
  • Best-Selling Author of “Power Principles for Success,” Empower a Tax-Free Retirement Future and “Game Changers,” Introducing the Tax-Free Business Owners Protected Pension Plan
  • Fox TV News financial contributor
  • Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and USA Today. Featured on ABC, NBC and CBS
  • Radio Show host of Hidden Wealth Radio
  • The Next Big Thing Radio, contributing provider
  • Member of PREP the Partnership for Retirement Education and Planning
  • Member NAIFA, National Association Insurance and Financial Advisors
  • Member of NESA – Nationwide Elder Service Associates
  • Member of the Winter Park Better Business Bureau
  • Working as a Wealth Architect in the planning industry since 1992
  • Named to America’s PremierExperts® as a Wealth Strategist
  • Faculty for The National Institute of Financial Education
  • Founder of “The Money Sense Employer Program”
  • MDRT Top of the Table-The Premier Association of Financial Professionals
  • Graduate of Capital University

Charles’s Unique Ability:
“Investing in the well-being of others through strategic planning and innovative solutions to help serve and transform financial and personal lives.”