In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I want to first wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. I also want to teach how you can eliminate the two greatest risks to your retirement: taxes and stock market losses.

After our no-cost, no-obligation educational webinar this past week, some of the attendees shared with me their greatest insights from the event:

  • Bob & Becky were huge fans of getting the IRS out of their IRAs. They now realize that taxes are a huge threat to their retirement,
  • One gentleman discovered that he could double his retirement income by taking a lump sum distribution of this pension, bypass the pension’s lack of a cost of living increase and eliminate taxes and fees,
  • Another attendee didn’t realize that he could take charge of his own retirement and completely eliminate his risk of market loss.

In my Wealth Protection Webinar, I teach how you can morally, ethically and legally eliminate market losses and taxes. Best of all, you can eliminate both of these threats simultaneously! This Labor Day weekend, take the time to introduce this concept to friends and family who may be visiting for the holiday. More importantly, take time to register yourself and learn how are clients enjoy a tax-free and market-loss free retirement. Don’t assume that this is too good to be true without taking the time to learn.

Now is the time to act, not react. Get ahead of any possible market fall off from the upcoming election. Learn how to protect your retirement and find your hidden wealth solution.

Register now for this coming Tuesday’s no-cost, no-obligationWealth Protection Webinar. Learn how our clients insulate their retirement savings from unnecessary taxes and how they protect their retirement from market losses. Register by going to and entering the required information.
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Here’s to your Hidden Wealth,
Chuck Oliver
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