With all of the market drops, we’ve had a few client calls to our office this past week to confirm that they had not lost any of their retirement savings. A few clients have asked if we could protect savings in IRAs and 401(k)s from market losses. We were stunned to learn that many of them did not know that we could help them protect their IRA and 401(k) savings. We do a lot of IRA rollovers into our market-protected strategies without fees or any taxes.

If you are looking to stop losing and you want to learn how our retirement protection strategies can save your retirement from further losses, please contact Debbie Klotter at (407) 478-1599 ext. 107 to schedule a time for us to speak.

As an example, $200,000.00, based on the changes in the S&P index since 2000, has now only grown to $279,000. With the S&P indexing solution we use with our clients, that $200,000.00 has grown to $522,000.00 without taxes!

We predict that this market may go down as low as 6,000 in a matter of 12 months or less. We recommend that all of our clients get their serious savings S.A.F.E.

S.A.F.E. is an acronym that I use in my books. It stands for:

Secure from losses,
Free from taxes and
Easy to manage.

Secure your retirement savings from losses is key as the market is predicted to drop much further.

Here’s to your hidden wealth, Chuck Oliver Best-Selling Author