In this week’s Hidden Wealth Solution Insight, I teach that, in light of all that happened last weekend, the importance of having the time and available resources so you can travel and spend time with family cannot be underestimated. The Hidden Wealth Solution eliminates losses that quickly drain your savings and rob you of the most rewarding part of retirement.

Here’s why this is important, now. The Federal Reserve recently said that it won’t be raising interest rates again. The economic growth projection has been downgraded to just 2% for this year. The 2017 projection is already being adjusted downward. It’s clear that The Fed is unsure of what to do to end the economy’s downward spiral.

Another factor threatening our economy is the impact of the U.K. leaving the European UnionThe London market could plunge by as much as 25% on next week’s expected decision. This drastic drop will cause global economic ripples.The U.S. market could drop 5 to 10% from the resulting shock wave!

A recent survey of Baby Boomers showed that:

  • 93% believe that there will be a serious market crash and
  • 89% believe that tax-rates will go up both long-term and in the near future.

What’s interesting about this survey is that, most of those surveyed believe that taxes will increase and the market will crash. Amazingly, 83% of Baby Boomers still save their retirement money in tax-deferred accounts that threaten higher taxes during retirement and in the stock market, where periodic losses rob you of your savings. You see, actions don’t always line up with beliefs.

Retirement is about time to enjoy family and the benefits of our resources. To do that, you have to avoid the losses caused by taxes and market crashes. Retirement is the time to enjoy your resources, not worry about them.

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