In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review I talk about the greatest risks to retirement. The risk you can eliminate right now is MARKET VOLATILITY.

It’s important to protect your retirement savings right now! The Trump Dow Jones run up followed by the market’s ongoing up and then down has many people concerned that the market could fall, hard. The stock market volatility risk gauge just jumped to a new high this past week and there have been several 100 plus point down days.

Ted Benna, the “father” of the 401(k) has said that, if he could do it all over again, he would blow up the 401(k) concept and start all over. Mr. Benna said market volatility and the “do-it-yourself” aspect of the 401(k) has failed many Baby Boomers. He goes on to say that the fees charged inside of 401(k)s have mostly benefited Wall Street, not Main Street. This is why TIME Magazine, in a 2009 cover article, said that it’s time to retire the 401(k). TIME called the 401(k) a rotten repository for retirement reserves.

I want to teach you how to eliminate your greatest retirement traps. Our clients have earned as much as 15%, tax-free, just in the last 12 months. Furthermore, they have locked in those gains, never to give them back when the market drops again (see graph below).

Lock in Your Gains

It’s important to note that, Ted Benna, who is well past retirement age, admits that even he will have to continue to work because of what he lost in 2000 and 2008. Now’s the time to act because, in just a few days, the Dow Jones Average has fallen from its high of over 20,000 points due to the fallout from some of President Trump’s executive orders. What will happen to the stock market next is anyone’s guess.

I want to teach you how to safeguard your serious retirement savings from market volatility risk and how to do it all tax-free! Learn the secret of how to keep your retirement dollars away from the IRS.

Join us this coming Tuesday for my no-cost, no-obligationRetirement Protection Webinar to learn what you can do to keep more of your retirement dollars for yourself. To register,  please go to and enter the required information. I encourage couples to attend this event together.

At this educational event, I will teach you how to eliminate volatility by locking in your market gains and only have your savings participate in the market when it goes up, but never when it goes down. I will show you how to get the IRS out of your retirement and keep Uncle Sam from becoming your biggest beneficiary.

When you register and attend, you’ll receive an e-copy of my latest book, The Baby Boomer Retirement Breakthrough, where you will learn the top five retirement risks and how to avoid them. This book also teaches you my common sense “you’re in control” retirement savings solution.
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