In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone on the Hidden Wealth Solution team. I also want to talk about the tax holiday we all got this week with the passage of the Trump Tax Reform Bill. 

There are many things in this bill that I support. One of them is a tax cut for many (but not all) people. For those living in no state income tax or low state income tax states, it’s definitely a tax cut. This savings amounts to a $1,000 to $2,000 annual tax savings, at most.

The challenge we have is the uncertainty of what the market is going to do in response to people’s reaction to the bill. Many people are using scare tactics, saying that 83% of Americans will see a tax increase. There are a lot of people on edge.

Many of the “talking head” market experts are saying that the market has already priced in the reform, which is why the market has rallied recently. Others are saying the reform has not been priced in so, get ready for the market to soar! There are also experts who are saying that the market is over-bought and people should be locking in their gains, because there could be a correction or a crash.

I’m reminded of a client couple we met with this week. We taught them to create their own tax reform holiday. They were able to create an extra $2,000 a month in income as opposed to the $2,000 extra a year under the Trump Tax Reform.

They accomplished this by doing a portfolio stress test for their retirement accounts. They discovered that they were at risk of losing 40% of their retirement assets if the market repeated its 2008 crash. The other thing we showed them was how to lock-in all of their market gains. As a result, their gains will not be taxed. The $2,000 a month extra will not be taxed and finally, the money they don’t use will be transferred to their children, tax-free. We can teach you to do the same. 

This coming Tuesday, I’ll be teaching my Wealth Protection Webinar. This no-cost, no-obligation educational event teaches you why the holidays are a great time to think about your thinking in regards to your own tax reform plan and getting your retirement savings safe and protected. Our unique strategies have proven record of measurable results. We can teach you how to protect your retirement and create an extra monthly income that’s tax-free! 

To register, go to, enter the required information and submit your registration. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email containing a personal link to join Tuesday’s event. These events fill quickly so hurry and register.

-Spouses are encouraged to attend this event together-

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