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Hidden Wealth Solution Reviews

When it comes to selecting a financial management team, it’s important to choose a company with experience, expertise and a reputation you can count on.

Hidden Wealth is more than just the name. The “hidden wealth” of knowledge, expertise, professionalism, patience and friendliness is a part of the entire staff. We have been working with Chuck and Devin for several years. They take the time to understand our needs and then put plans in place to meet those needs and long term investment and tax strategies. An investment strategy, tax savings plan and now accountants to coordinate are all in place to protect entire financial future. The confidence in knowing that this team sincerely cares about protecting our wealth and avoiding unnecessary taxes is invaluable. I highly recommend Hidden Wealth and will continue to put my faith and trust with them.

Finding Chuck Oliver and “The Hidden Wealth Solution” has definitely been my good fortune! Chuck and his team have a corporate culture of treating each client uniquely and individually, considering all aspects of each client’s life and financial requirements. Chuck is extremely knowledgeable in his recommendations and brilliant in his investing and tax avoidance strategies. Consultation time either in person or by telephone, is never limited nor are details ever omitted. His advice has been and continues to be the best, most realistic and individually designed that I have ever encountered in my many years as a business owner and seasoned investor. Chuck, Devin and the entire supporting team at “The Hidden Wealth Solution” are truly competent and inspire trust that is so rare in the financial services industry.

I spent over three decades dealing with four different investment firms, and was never satisfied with the investment performance or customer service I received. After conducting extensive research, I decided to try The Hidden Wealth Solution Team. I finally found a legitimate professional and comprehensive financial investment firm. That’s what The Hidden Wealth Solution Team is all about. Chuck, Devin, Kirk, Neill, and Debbie are consummate professionals and are genuinely good people. Having been retired from the military and soon to be retired from law enforcement, I can tell you it’s all about character and integrity. I wholeheartedly trust every member of this team. After conducting my due diligence, I went all in and joined their client list. I am extremely satisfied with the results thus far. I also benefitted from referrals to their sister tax team and mortgage team. My only regret is that I wished I met these folks much earlier in my life. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

The Hidden Wealth Solution is exactly what the name says. The team shows you how to unlock your own hidden wealth. They have guided us through ways to invest securely, dramatically lower our tax burden, have better solutions for health insurance and use our own money to make money in ways we could never have imagined. I was not very investment savvy when we began this process – the team has done an amazing job of helping educate me through each step. We look forward to working with THWS for many years!

Working with Chuck Oliver at The Hidden Wealth Solution has been such a positive, eye opening experience! To be guided on how to maximize our assets and income with strategic tax saving investments has been invaluable. I heard Chuck on the radio and am so glad we made the call to get started.

Chuck Oliver and his team at Hidden Wealth solutions have been invaluable in changing my financial situation for the best this year. They have spent hours and hours with me looking ahead and rearranging my investments to my benefit. We squeezed a huge tax savings into the remainder of 2019, cutting my self-employment tax in half. No question is too small and they are accessible to me at a moment’s notice. They have gone above and beyond my expectations and best of all they have put my mind at ease about the future. I sleep better thanks to Chuck and his team.


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