Privacy compliance restricts us from providing personal references. The below videos and written references are from clients of different ages and differing years of being a client. They have agreed to provide us with their references so that others could that understand the difference that our planning has made in their lives.

Video Testimonials


Privacy compliance restricts us from providing personal references. The below videos and written references are from clients of different ages and differing years of being a client. They have agreed to provide us with their references so that others could that understand the difference that our planning has made in their lives.

I trust Chuck Oliver because he has sound ideas. He is guided by principles that match my core values. In any relationship you need to have a level of trust. You need to move with caution every step of the way. As you move forward trust can either grow or diminish. Your company has proven to be trusted, sound and worthy of my trust.

Al Portugal,
Business Owner
Winter Park, FL

Chuck, I just wanted to thank you and your awesome team for providing some of the best customer service my wife and I have ever experienced. As you know, I was serving as a program lead in Bagram, Afghanistan in support of our Soldiers and Marines in the clearance of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) or roadside bombs. My wife discovered your Hidden Wealth Solution Plan on the radio, and after discussing it we decided to take the next step and set up a meeting. Not only were you able to set up a video conference with me in Afghanistan but you were also able to have my wife join us from Japan where she had just started working on a US Navy base in support of Navy Child and Youth Programs. To make this meeting happen we had three different time zones, CPUs, and phones to get to sync up and work. You made it happen. Special thanks to Neill for coming in early to get this set up. Not only that, but as you know Chuck, your wonderful mother Millie took a call from me at home early (6:30 am) in the morning before she even left for work to set up our initial meeting. Talk about going the extra mile!!! I must also mention that Kirk has been very professional and helpful in getting all the paperwork together, answering questions, and helping us put things in order. My wife and I are very pleased with your plan and look forward to passing this along to others who are thinking about taking the next step. It must truly be a pleasure for you to work with such a fantastic team of professionals on a daily basis. It truly has been a pleasure for the both of us!!!

Ken and Kristina Moreland
Orange Park, FL

A refreshing approach to our financial well being, took their time and educated us from A-Z. They are excellent!

Kathleen Cornell,
School Teacher
Granville, NY

My husband Sandy and I came to see Chuck in the spring of 2011 and were intrigued to find a way to protect and grow my 401k money. Sandy was retired from the fire department with a small pension, and after 11 years with a company, I had a small amount of money in a 401k. Although it wasn’t much (under $100,000) it was better than nothing and we hated to have it exposed to the fluctuations of the stock market. So we decided to go with Chuck’s strategy, and in early July, had our physical exams to determine our qualifications for life insurance. Sandy (in his early 60’s) had recently lost some weight, and through diet and exercise was keeping it off, as well as improving his cholesterol and triglyceride levels and his blood pressure. We thought we were both pretty healthy and felt there would be no problem with either one of us being approved for insurance.

Well, a couple of weeks later, while we were vacationing with family in Myrtle Beach, Sandy suffered a major heart attack. We were actually on the beach when it happened. Sandy had worked as a paramedic for 17 years and knew well the symptoms, and also what to do to while waiting for treatment. While I was running to the lifeguard stand to have the lifeguard radio for an ambulance, Sandy slowly walked up to the road (where he knew they would find him easier) and laid down in the grass in the shade of a tree. A cop came by and Sandy asked him if he had any aspirin. He did! He gave one to Sandy and then a beach patrol guy came by – and he had oxygen, which he quickly administered. By now, the medics were on their way and I located him lying in the grass. When I knelt down next to him the first thing he said to me was, “Well, I guess now there’s no way I’ll be approved for the life insurance.” I remember saying something like, “My God, don’t even worry about that right now!” But, I guess when you are a man who takes providing for your family very seriously, those are the things you think about when you are faced with death.

It all turned out okay. Sandy was rushed to the cath lab at the hospital (giving instructions to the rookie medic on the way) and received two stents, quickly re-establishing blood flow to his heart, with minimal damage to the tissue. I was approved for the life insurance policy and now, after one year, we see that our investment performed 10% better than predicted. We are grateful that we made the decision when we did, and feel certain that it will serve us well in the future!

Nancy Graves
Astor, FL

My wife and I crossed paths with Chuck Oliver in November 2011. We attended a seminar on The Hidden Wealth Solution at the invitation of a long time friend. The main thing I heard was 3 1/2 hours. Really? How was I going to sit through a presentation of that length without going stir crazy? Well, let me simply say, his presentation seemed an hour long at the most. I was amazed at what he taught us. I instantly regretted not knowing about this thirty years ago.

Long story short, we decided this was an exact fit for our financial strategy and set up a time and date to meet with Chuck. We were disgusted with the stock market and by the Grace of God, Chuck was placed into our financial situation. It was very obvious to us at first, that Chuck loves his job. Helping others financially is his passion and it shows. He has spent hours with us explaining in GREAT detail how this solution works for our financial benefit. Never once have we felt rushed during our meetings, either in person or on the phone. In all honesty, when we are talking to Chuck, we feel like we are his only clients. That is priceless!

His office staff, Kirk and Neal are very polite and professional. The paperwork Kirk has sent for signatures is very easy to understand because of his cover letter and effort to place sticky arrows in every place a signature or initial is required.

We are very pleased and blessed to have become clients of Chuck Oliver’s The Hidden Wealth Solution.

Kim & Becky McKendree
Brunswick, GA

Thank you for all your help,

I worked for a large company that had great benefits all my life. Myself and my co-workers always had a sense of security we had good paying jobs with excellent benefits and a great pension plan for our retirement. We all contributed to our 401k’s but knew very little about them. We did see them depreciate greatly in the past few years and hoped they would recover. Well life changes on a dime these days and all of a sudden you can be faced with the loss of that secure job and not really be ready to retire. Where do you go and what do you do?

These are the questions that we faced at AT&T when they announced the closing of our office. The closing meant that 39 operators were about to loose their jobs we had between 25 and 37 years of service and were between the ages of 48 and 64. Everyone’s needs were so different, for those in their 60’s with 30+ years of service life was good but what do we do now with our pensions and our 401k’s nobody really knew. What can someone who is only 48 years old do with her pension & 401k’s when they are so young? The company tells you nothing!

Chuck Oliver and his team stepped up to the plate and held group meetings for our employees so we could proceed with peace of mind. The sessions were extremely informative as Chuck explained what our future needs are going to be. Chuck talked to us about preserving our principle & told us the importance of rolling over our 401k’s and pensions. He showed us how inflation is only going to continue to rise, and how to save our accounts from future taxation. After the group meetings we were able to meet with Chuck personally and put together a plan that focused on our individual needs. Everyone who participated thought it was great! Now we not only have the pensions that we’ve all worked so hard for, but knowledge and opportunity to avoid the Hidden Wealth Retirement T.R.A.P.S. and to work with someone who has shown us the vehicles we need to use to give us the security we need for our retirement years.

Thanks again to the Chuck Oliver Team & The Hidden Wealth Management Solution.

Debbie K.,
Clermont, FL

I first began working with Chuck Oliver about 4 years ago. It is never an easy decision to choose someone to handle your life savings, and to guide you in decisions affecting your financial future. I was initially impressed with the thoroughness of the presentation that he used to explain his philosophy, and the program he advocates. He took a great deal of time to explain, in very thorough detail, to make sure that I understood what he saw as the best options for me. In the years since, I have found that he has made it a point to delve into and understand my specific situation. He has been willing to think outside the box, and to explore options to help me reach my goals as I approach retirement age. Chuck always gives whatever time is needed during our phone consultations, to explain things, answer my questions, and explore options. I never feel rushed. Even though I have never met him in person, I feel like Chuck strives to really know who I am, and to understand my lifestyle, my dreams and goals, and the specific situations in my life that make my path unique. I appreciate that he strives to create a relationship rather than making me feel like just another cookie cutter client.

Penny Warren,
Annapolis, MD
Ajijic, Mexico

I love this group of people. I know full well they handle way bigger clients than just little ole me and Coach but you would not believe how we are treated. When John’s daughter had her baby they sent US a dozen of the all time best shortbread cookies I have ever eaten.

They treat us as if we were their only client. And it’s not just Chuck. The entire team is so personal, personable and sincere. It’s the best bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure of giving my money to. I wish I could get more people interested. It’s well worth the time.

Other people will say, “Oh, that’s just an annuity. Any insurance salesman will sell you that.”

But this is different and I cannot explain how. I’m really excited about retirement. I wish I had known about this a few years earlier.

Susan Miller,
Jacksonville, FL


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