Properly educate people to make intelligent decisions on how to save, grow and protect their money to enjoy a stress free, worry free comfortable retirement.

Common sense solutions with measurable proven results.

The Client is in control, no surprises, no fine print, no excuses.

Imagine; More Money, More Time, More Peace of Mind! The Simple Truth is people deserve better. Believe in Better!

People work hard for their money; we work even harder to protect it.

Unique Ability

Investing in the well being of others through strategic planning and innovated solutions to help serve and transform financial and personal lives!

Our Vision: Retirement Peace of Mind

We aim to selflessly serve our team members, client community members & strategic partners by seeking to understand what matters most to each of them. We aim to build and operate a business platform by design, to help our team members, client community members & strategic partners realize their personal and financial dreams and goals.  We seek to marry our team members, client community members & strategic partners’ priorities with the appropriate financial solutions; delivering on our promises every single time.  At all times and in all instances, we hold our team members, client community members & strategic partners’ best interest at heart.  We seek all opportunities to serve.

Our Mission: Economic Security & Retirement Protection

To be the Top Retirement Protection Advisory firm that makes a difference in the lives of our team members, client community members & strategic partners. To understand their needs, to listen, to communicate efficiently and to put fierce integrity above all. To understand that raving fan team members, client community members, and strategic partners are the heartbeat of our practice.

Values and Service Standards

  • Ask questions and listen to our clients in order to fully understand their needs.
  • Create wealth solutions that complement our clients’ overall financial strategy and allow them to most effectively accomplish their short and long term financial goals.
  • Be sensitive to client fears concerning their wealth creation and preservation plan. We will earn their confidence as their trusted wealth architect.
  • Respect our clients’ time, minimizing their personal effort by applying our knowledge and experience in state-of-the-art technology. This will complement our customer service and resourcefulness by making necessary adjustments so that we avoid overwhelming our clients.
  • Show up on time ready to not just hear but to listen while always being prepared.
  • Communicate regularly and pro-actively with our clients to keep them informed on the status of their case thereby reducing the stress associated with uncertainty.
  • Measure our success by our clients’ willingness to consistently recommend us to family, friends and co-workers.
  • Take full responsibility for our actions and be honest at all times. We will always take the high road when providing solutions; always running to challenges and not from challenges.
  • Seek to improve the quality of the service we provide by encouraging each client to critically evaluate our performance – what we can improve and what we did well.
  • Be responsible for how the client is treated and put that responsibility on no one else.  We are accountable for the experience and the outcome.
  • Serve our clients the way they should be served or help them find a viable alternative.
  • Do what we say and finish what we start every time without exception.
  • Say please and thank you from the first person on our team to the last all the time, every time.


  • To honor God in all we do.
  • To build the strength and the efficiency of the organization and the people within it.
  • To always be prepared, show up on time ready to learn and to listen.
  • To do what we say every time without exception.
  • To finish what we start every time without exception.
  • To say please and thank you from the first person on our team to the last all the time, every time.
  • To care for and serve our clients before profit.
  • To create a raving fan “WOW” experience.


As a team we must create and foster a culture that is

  • Grateful
  • Life plan driven
  • Positive focused
  • Client focused.
  • Goal and results oriented “Proactive.”
  • Concentrated on Solutions.
  • Driven to build, acquire and maintain new and exciting client and strategic partner relationships.
  • Open and accepting to new ideas and to each other.
  • Able to see, create, and welcome change

Our Consummate Goal

We will change people’s financial and personal lives.  We will be the most recognized and utilized licensed financial professionals in the markets we serve.

Envisioned Future

Will be known as the top retirement protection architects in the United States.  We will only employ proactive professionals who are excited and passionate about serving others to succeed.  We will impact our clients’ lives with top-of-the-industry advising on Personal Protected Pension Planning™.  “Personal Protected Pension Planning™” will continue to be the best method for securing the ultimate financial future for our clients. We have created a system that enables the team to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Building life-long relationships and providing unmatched value for our clients and strategic partners is our focus. We will be a 100% referral-based, profitable company.

Our people, their families, clients and partners will experience a difference because of the value we add. We foster participatory management. The team has the ability to make decisions and the President operates from a “what is needed” stance with a servant attitude and focus. The team will have what it needs to “Make it Happen!” Only future focused, motivated people are able to reach their targets and to fulfill expectations. We focus all efforts for Faster, Easier and Bigger results.

The entire team will concentrate on solutions and not on problems. Our team will be the most educated team in our specialty area, delivering unmatched value. We will continue to address the need for people to learn the value of Personal Protected Pension Planning™ and its impact on their financial future. We will continue to address the necessity for people to learn the value of proper wealth creation and preservation planning and its impact on their financial and personal future.

Honor God in all we do!