Ken and Kristina Moreland, Orange Park, FL

Chuck, I just wanted to thank you and your awesome team for providing some of the best customer service my wife and I have ever experienced. As you know, I was serving as a program lead in Bagram, Afghanistan in support of our Soldiers and Marines in the clearance of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) or roadside bombs. My wife discovered your Hidden Wealth Solution Plan on the radio, and after discussing it we decided to take the next step and set up a meeting. Not only were you able to set up a video conference with me in Afghanistan but you were also able to have my wife join us from Japan where she had just started working on a US Navy base in support of Navy Child and Youth Programs. To make this meeting happen we had three different time zones, CPUs, and phones to get to sync up and work. You made it happen. Special thanks to Neill for coming in early to get this set up. Not only that, but as you know Chuck, your wonderful mother Millie took a call from me at home early (6:30 am) in the morning before she even left for work to set up our initial meeting. Talk about going the extra mile!!! I must also mention that Kirk has been very professional and helpful in getting all the paperwork together, answering questions, and helping us put things in order. My wife and I are very pleased with your plan and look forward to passing this along to others who are thinking about taking the next step. It must truly be a pleasure for you to work with such a fantastic team of professionals on a daily basis. It truly has been a pleasure for the both of us!!!

Ken and Kristina Moreland
Orange Park, FL

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