Debbie K., Clermont, FL

Thank you for all your help,

I worked for a large company that had great benefits all my life. Myself and my co-workers always had a sense of security we had good paying jobs with excellent benefits and a great pension plan for our retirement. We all contributed to our 401k’s but knew very little about them. We did see them depreciate greatly in the past few years and hoped they would recover. Well life changes on a dime these days and all of a sudden you can be faced with the loss of that secure job and not really be ready to retire. Where do you go and what do you do?

These are the questions that we faced at AT&T when they announced the closing of our office. The closing meant that 39 operators were about to loose their jobs we had between 25 and 37 years of service and were between the ages of 48 and 64. Everyone’s needs were so different, for those in their 60’s with 30+ years of service life was good but what do we do now with our pensions and our 401k’s nobody really knew. What can someone who is only 48 years old do with her pension & 401k’s when they are so young? The company tells you nothing!

Chuck Oliver and his team stepped up to the plate and held group meetings for our employees so we could proceed with peace of mind. The sessions were extremely informative as Chuck explained what our future needs are going to be. Chuck talked to us about preserving our principle & told us the importance of rolling over our 401k’s and pensions. He showed us how inflation is only going to continue to rise, and how to save our accounts from future taxation. After the group meetings we were able to meet with Chuck personally and put together a plan that focused on our individual needs. Everyone who participated thought it was great! Now we not only have the pensions that we’ve all worked so hard for, but knowledge and opportunity to avoid the Hidden Wealth Retirement T.R.A.P.S. and to work with someone who has shown us the vehicles we need to use to give us the security we need for our retirement years.

Thanks again to the Chuck Oliver Team & The Hidden Wealth Management Solution.

Debbie K.,
Clermont, FL

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