In last week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I taught about the Baby Boomer Quadruple Tax Traps. In this week’s Hidden Wealth Review, I’m teaching about the Baby Boomer Quadruple Tax Solutions to those traps. You still have time to save tax in 2019 and I want to teach you the top four areas to save the most tax!

Here are those four solutions:

  • Legally Reducing Your Taxable Income. If you’re working, taking income from your IRAs or 401(k)s or you’re taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) to generate income, I have great news for you. We taught a client from Illinois how he could legally reduce his taxable income. By reducing his personal income, he was able to legally avoid about $280,000 in taxable income. As a result, he saved $100,000 of tax!
  • Avoiding Tax on Growth. If you have brokerage accounts, your account managers typically do a lot of buying and selling during the year. These transactions create something termed, “phantom income.” The Democrats are now proposing to tax account value growth, even if you don’t sell the asset and actually claim the gain from the growth. I want to teach you about financial vehicles that allow you to not only grow your money without tax but also use and leave you money to your children, all without tax.
  • Tax on Gains. We had a client who sold her business and a few rental properties. She was looking at paying the tax on a $1 million capital gain. Using one of our Hidden Wealth Tax-Savings Solution Strategies, she was able to sell these assets and use a tax deduction to offset all of the capital gains tax. The result was a zero tax effect from the sale of her appreciated assets.
  • Tax on Inheritance. We have a client couple in their late 70’s who live in Northern Ohio. They had amassed a large amount of savings assets and they wanted to leave this money to their two sons. What they didn’t want to do is to leave that money with an inheritance tax due to the IRS. Using another one of our tax-savings solutions, they were able to employ a preferential tax treatment so that, upon the growth of this asset, the money will go to their sons, 100% tax-free!
  • If you want to save tax in 2019, the planning has to be implemented in 2019. I want to teach you how to save tax! Let me teach you how to use a vehicle that grows your money without tax, allows you to use the money without tax and finally, allows you to leave your money without tax. Best of all, there are no market downside losses with this strategy. You make money when the market goes up, but you never lose money when the market drops.

    This coming Tuesday, I will be teaching my Wealth Protection Webinar. During this no-cost, no-obligation educational event, I will be teaching one strategy that keeps you from becoming what I call the perfect government taxpayer. You worked hard for you money. Learn how to get the IRS out of your IRAs and your retirement income.

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